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It's not glamorous. It's not pretty. It's not fun. It's not creative. It's not ingenious. It's not smart. It's not comical.

It is endearing. It is powerful. It is helpful. It is necessary. It is provision. It is humbling. It is impactful. It is peace-providing.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

>>September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month<<
Did you know?
43 children will be diagnosed with cancer TODAY
1,290 will be diagnosed this MONTH

15,270 will be diagnosed this YEAR

Spread Cuddles of Hope with Cuddle Bear this month! For just $12.99 you can send Cuddle Bear to pediatric cancer patients at CHOC! Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Scott Carter foundation!

My sweet friend, Julien Jordan, reached out to me about this and I KNEW we needed to do a drive for CHOC. With 43 new diagnoses each day, there is going to be at least one new patient at CHOC who needs a thoughtful gift like Cuddle Bear. Orders will get shipped to me and my family will deliver them during one of Team Dempsey's appointment days.

This is a win-win-win drive. You support a newly diagnosed child, Usborne donates a % to the Carter Foundation (whose mission is to help elimate pediatric cancer), and you help a small business mom.   

Please SHARE this with everyone!

Here is the link to the drive. Click it and order away.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A War Against Children

I wrote a rather bold post on Instagram today. I was sure there were going to be some rather unhappy people but I was wrong. I've been met with nothing but encouragement and good things.

Please take a peek over at my site to read it.

If you didn't know, my website is where I share all that we are doing to help Dempsey THRIVE through leukemia and treatment.

There is A TON of information there, so please take your time as you look it over. Also, share it! It is meant to be shared. Promise. I will not be upset if you share it with everyone you know. In fact, I encourage that. This information is out there to bring hope, encouragement, education, and empowerment to leukemic families (and other cancer families, should they find it so).


Saturday, September 2, 2017

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Here we go... this is our SECOND Childhood Cancer Awareness month. It is still so surreal. How did we get here? How can this be our life? Why is this happening to our precious boy?

The answers are all the same: to bring glory to God.

How can you say that, Coral?
It's easier today than 17 months ago. You see, I've had 17 months of seeing God's fingerprints, his provision, him answering prayers, his Body mobilizing in monumental ways. I've seen God allow cancer to infiltrate my son's blood/ body and I've seen God walk this journey with us and allow Dempsey to thrive during his fight.

This world is broken, friends. So very broken. Sin did that. Sin took creation and separated it from its Creator. Sin caused death. Disease. Heartache. Confusion. Pain. Sin did that. As wonderful as humans can be, they can be equally as damaging- free will can be a blessing and a curse. Sin did that. When something is broken, do you expect it to work as if it wasn't?

As we stand in the time of Hurricane Harvey... the time when the state of Montana seems to be burning (quite literally)... the time when we feel so helpless because the great NEEDS of this world are smacking us in the face repeatedly on the news, in conversation, in hospital rooms, in our neighborhoods, on social media... we are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the perceived burdens of crisis. We look at this world through human lenses and it's too much. It is too much for us to fathom, let alone process.

Enter Christ.

Christ came to redeem creation. He left the Spirit behind to guide us, to fill us up with supernatural strength and abilities. God, the ever-loving Father, sent his son to redeem us, folks. Why, then, do we worry? We should walk every day in confidence that God KNOWS. He knows, you guys. None of this is a surprise to him. None of the pain that we are experiencing, trials we're facing, suffering that is happening is being wasted. It may feel like that to us. It sure does to me some days. However, God knows what's to come. He knows the end. He's already there. We still have to run the race in obedience and faith. Two of the HARDEST things to muster most of the time. Alas, that is what we are called to do.

Obedience in relation to cancer? Jeepers, Coral... what does that mean?
It means you DO it. You do it anyway. You walk a path you don't want to. You break when your humanity fails. You seek spiritual wisdom and guidance from people smarter than you. You ask for help from the Body that is designed to help you. You pray when you can. You don't pray when you can't. You walk hand in hand with faith.

Faith? Coral, your son has CANCER... how can you have faith in a God that allows that kind of suffering, let alone in children?
I know my Father. I have read scripture. I have sensed his presence. I have felt his communication. Scripture tells me that we are not guaranteed comfort. We are not guaranteed health. We are not guaranteed success. We are not guaranteed physical life. We are TOLD we will be persecuted. We are told that trouble WILL come. We are told that struggle, opposition, pain, suffering are all part of this life. Remember, sin did that. Scripture also tells us "he causes the rain to fall on the righteous and unrighteous alike". That means good things happen to good and bad people and bad things happen to bad and good people. We are not meant, not even capable, of understanding the fabric which God has designed. We have simply been offered the opportunity to partner with God as a thread in the tapestry.
I don't particularly like elements of my thread. I wish I could trade it for a different one... but what if that trade meant the tapestry was less glorious? Less impactful? Less holy? Is it worth the trade to sacrifice the tapestry for the comfort of one little thread?

So, as we walk through our second Childhood Cancer Awareness month, we say "THANK YOU!" Thank you to YOU. Thank you to GOD. We could not, would not, have the journey we're having without your love, prayers, and continued support. I hope my words throughout this blog give you some perspective, a clear view perhaps, of how impactful YOU have been for us. Your prayers give our spirits the ability to take the next step when we didn't know how we would/ could. Your money helps us provide for Dempsey in many ways. Your tangible gifts help the money go farther. Your presence in this journey with us gives us strength we wouldn't have without it. Where two or more are gathered in His name, he is with them. So true. So very, very true.

We are running low on some supplies.

Prayer requests:
pray against negative side effects
pray for peace
pray for courage
pray against demons that seek to prey on our minds and divide us
pray protection over our marriage
pray protection over every organ in Dempsey's body
pray wisdom into the doctors and medical staff
pray that God's glory continues to overflow from this journey
pray that we will be salt and light to this world
pray that our impact will be felt for generation to come
pray peace for our hearts
pray against PTSD and all the facets of anxiety
pray strength in our familial relationships
pray for confidence in our story- which is no one else's story
pray as the Spirit leads you

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Running Low on Some Supplies

Team Dempsey supporters,
I am writing this post because I know many of you love to give/ support in tangible ways. We are so grateful for the love and care you show us in this way as we continue to navigate the cancer road the Lord allowed us to walk, trip, and stumble on.

This morning I opened the last of our laundry soap. I know it's not glamorous but it's a necessity and if you are inclined to bless us with this you can find the products below from our Amazon Wish List.

Charlie's Laundry Powder

Charlie's Laundry Booster

We are also running low on Epsom Salt for Dempsey's detox baths. Since he takes 3-4/ week we found the ginormous bags to be the most cost-effective. Of course, we will take whatever you feel led to bless us with.

Also, this coconut oil is a nightly necessity. I use it to fill the roller bottles we apply Dempsey's essential oils with.

We thank you for your continued support, love, and care of our family during this up-and-down journey. The Body of Christ is such a beautiful thing. Thank you for blessing us along the way. It really helps us to keep hope alive and fight for the health of our son. We love you and are grateful that you are on this journey with us.

Team Dempsey Kenagy

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hair Cut(e) with Crystal

We call this Transformation Saturday. Enjoy!


Get a load of this, too...

Our cancer kid had all this hair to chop off just 8 months after he started losing it (Nov 2, 2016).

If you ever doubt that God answers prayer... just look at Dempsey. Dempsey is a walking, talking, living, breathing, running, jumping, soccer-playing, bike riding, brother loving, manner wielding, brilliance containing CANCER KID.
Granted, I believe there is no cancer left in him. Yet "protocol" dictates that legally we MUST keep him in treatment until August 05, 2019 (two more years). So, we still need your prayers.


Look what came for #teamdempseykenagy yesterday.

On the list of "thing I never imagined"... this was probably toward the top. Make-A-Wish was for "other" people... "sick" people. It was a wonderful charity/ organization for people who were "dying".

Then I learned. I learned that we are now "other" people and that MAW is NOT only for kids who are dying.

Stay tuned as this sub-journey unfolds over the next year. ❤️🎗

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Soccer Starts

Dempsey had his first Youth Kicks game of the 2017 season this morning. Bright and early at 8am. Clearly, you can see his uniform hasn't arrived (the jersey peeps shorted the league about a dozen... accidents happen, right?). No jersey? No problem! He's still rocking a cancer-fighting shirt and an 80's hairstyle. You know you love the curly red head fro!

Here Dempsey is getting a few goalie tips from our friend Ezra. Those tips must've worked because the opposing team didn't score on this goalie.

Go Dempsey, Go! Go, go, GO!

Sweet little post-game treat. Dempsey did not partake. Y'all know he needs to watch his "sugar and salt". Also, we're celebrating his 6th birthday some more this afternoon and he's having CAKE.