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Saturday, July 1, 2017

"My Procedure Day"

Dempsey drew this 6-30-17. It represents Tuesday's procedure day.

All four family members
"Daddy, Mommy, & Sawyer are all drinking morning shakes... but not me because I can't drink or eat." (Shakes are the red at our mouths)
Sawyer is wearing his Darth Vader shirt.
Dempsey is wearing his Batman shirt (the gray dots are Batman's abdominal muscles 😁).
"Daddy is wearing his Star Wars shirt." (Millenium Falcon diagram)
Mommy is "wearing some sort of dress".
The very faint gray circles and lines on his face are Batman's mask (lines = ears).

The other side is us in our van headed to his procedure. Unfortunatley markers bleed through paper.

Drawing has really become therapy gor Dempsey. It is good and precious and healthy.

Friday, June 30, 2017

So Many Pixels

Sawyer helps Jake make pizza dough (using a bread machine).

Dempsey help Jake build the pizzas.

The borthers with their Legos.
So many Legos! 😍

Look closely... the arrows are pointing to BEES.
We have DOZENS of bees who like to gather water from the ground cover.

These critters LOVE their fresh juice.
Apple, Lemon, Kale for the win.

Precious mother-son date with this handsome lad to Creamology.

At Granny and Granddad's house for a little tech time. 

Father-son morning snuggles. 

Drawing... I believe this has become therapy for Dempsey. 

Water play... chonies are acceptable water wear. 

Dempsey loving on his favorite stuffed animal, Lil' Button. He picked the name.

Mother-sons date to our favorite local coffee shop, Talia's.

A lunch sampling.

More water play and goofiness.

I think there were some chemotions at play here.

Sawyer has been loved on by an anonymous gifter. What a precious reality for him.
Sawyer is ADDICTED to this comic strip- Baby Blues.

This is what happens when SoCal Edison replaces telephone poles and one is IN your backyard.

More Baby Blues..........

Nope. Not a tin whistle. What then?
He's practicing his dart spitting skills. Thanks, Granddad. 😂

Daddy made lettuce wraps. Yum! 

More therapy... I mean drawing.
**Bonus points if you can tell who that green person is. 

Ah, the infamous mouth sore scenario.
No doctors involved. No medication involved.
Supported his body through it with an essential oil mouth rinse.
Recipe: 1 drop each melaleuca and lavender in a mouthful of water.
Swish for 30 seconds, 2x per day for 14 days.


Lovin' on Lakota-kitty. 

Does this count as brother "love"?

Getting ready for a procedure day.
Here Daddy is putting on his "magic cream".

 He's been accessed and is awaiting sedation, a needle in his spine, and recovering so we can get on with the FUN part of the day.

Why is this crap (below) in the halls at a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL?
It's also right outside the Clinic. We walk passed this every time Dempsey has an appointment.
There is NOTHING of substance in here. The ONLY thing allowed to come out for my family would be the water bottles. This crap will disrupt hormones, toxify your nervous system, imbalance your mood, diminish mental agility, wreck your blood sugar, and more.
Please, just don't! In fact, DEMAND BETTER OF YOUR HOSPITAL!
Keep in mind, the FDA says ALL of this is "safe".

Oh, Chick fil-A, we love you!

Headed in to the Santa Ana Zoo.


Waiting & reading at Uncle Nathan's wedding rehearsal.

Gram sent puppets- Jock-O (Sawyer) and various finger puppets (Dempsey).


And more therapy.....

Batman likes when his brother reads to him.

Off to a WEDDING!
My men make me look good. 
Most handsome ring bearers EVER!
 Mr. & Mrs. Endemano.
Brandell & Nathan were married by Nathan's father, Steve.
 Aren't we cute? Yes, yes we are.

For a time, Dempsey was obsessed with this puzzle.

 BURGER DAY- the "new" Habit in La Mirada.

Helping make zoodles (zucchini noodles).
Seriously, we don't miss pasta.

A little coffee date with this guy.
Sporting two things we love- NeoLife and Talia's.
 Monopoly Deal is a fave.

When brothers pray.

A little alone time outside with his toys.
 Sawyer lovingly watches Dempsey play outside.

Ah, Syndney girl.
We had the pleasure of dog-sitting Uncle Nathan's dog, Syndney.
Talk about a perfect animal.
 Sydney went with us wherever she could. And we loved it.

A little Facetime while they spent the night at Granny and Granddad's.

Sydney loves pillows.

Dempsey, being... well... Dempsey. 💙

Lovin' on Sydney. She had it rough... hahaha

 Writing to his penpal, Connor.

An absolute blessing from the Lord...
Meeting Debra and Steve Rowe. Missionaries in Brazil who lost a son 20 years ago to leukemia.

More Sydney fun.

Aunt Annette came to visit! We love Aunt Annette.

Some fun coloring pages from JellyTelly and What's in the Bible?.

Dinner- salmon filets, zoodles, organic berries, and artichokes.

 Go Dempsey!

Sydney love.

Dempsey received a box of blessing from Ellie's Hats, a wonderful organization in the business of blessing cancer kiddos.

Off to a school garden to see Mrs. Andros and some awesome plants.

Father's Day activities.

Look at that sandwich!

Sydney loves Jake. She gave him hugs.

Father's Day gifts. 💙💙💙

Can you say summertime?
 Sydney, you're such a great quality control dog.

 Sleepy Demspey. He is so precious.

Someone got a new car seat (booster)!

This is the famous detox bath duo + one.
Rosemary and juniper berry are the always oils but I add OnGuard for some extra immune support.

A cancer journey requires pretty things to hold the necessities.
A sweet friend blessed me with the scripture mixing bowls for my birthday. 

See, Sydney loves her Jake.

Out for a walk... blaster in hand.

Another trip to the school garden.
This time Sawyer got to learn about the hairy balls plant... I mean, the family jewels plant.
 This is just part of the garden.

Look, more Legos! 

Even more Monopoly Deal. What a character! 

  Dempsey drew this. Can you tell what it is?

En route for another procedure day.
Readers, these don't get easier for this mama's heart.

 No family member should be familiar with these masks!
 Dempsey coming out of sedation.
I'm so grateful to Dr Cherin for working with me to find the
best combination of sedation drugs for Dempsey!!
 A loving father reads to his recovering son.
 Dempsey is such a pro the nurses let him remove his own leads.
 Nurse Kelli helping to de-access our boy.
 What a trooper!!

  No Chick fil-A photos... but here he is, sportin' his NEGU hat at the Santa Ana Zoo.
 Just minutes from home.

Pondering on the counter.

This kid... silly as all get out. Post water play outside.

Legos... always Legos.
I have to keep adding to his Amazon list because we can't afford #allthelegos.

These are from our recent family photo shoot with the talented Keriann Converse

I hope you enjoyed this post of pictoral catch-up.